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Gary Stephens
United States
I’ve been an artist for as long as I can remember. Painting, leather work, Sculpting, Metal work and anything I can lay my hands on. It’s always been my passion and first love.

My Kids have called me crazy, a goof, geek and a half a dozen other things. I look at them with a smile and say well I guess I am all of those; I’m an artist, an eccentric.

Then I explain that life is not what society teaches us but the fantasies we live within our hearts. So what if I wear Steampunk clothing when I go places, I enjoy being different.

I know everyone has heard that life is to short so enjoy every moment. So true!!

When I was diagnosed with a few things and my doctor told me I would start having heart attacks within 7 years and I realized I got my bus ticket letting me know how I may go one day, I looked at life in a new way. I started to see all the beauty in everything around me even more so then before.

A good friend said to me how much time did they give you to live. I smiled and asked him, how much time do you have left, then laughed and said I may have a bus ticket but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to get hit by a truck tomorrow.

What it comes down to is we should all look at every moment, good or bad and take value in them. Be eccentric do things others say is crazy, but be true to ourselves and be who we want to be, not what were told to be. Then we find freedom and peace of mind.

So now I am out to Support my passion "Steampunk" and all the artists and people who take part in it.
I like to write so in this space I'll be keeping a log of bits and pieces of a story I am writing.

Fictional Character
Log note 421
I'm Capt'n Hawkens, was a flight pilot with the 48TH Air Division.
Now, rebel, gunrunner, Supplies and anything of value to help in the fight against the United Foundation.
My real name is not of anyone's concern; I took the name of John as an alias for my trade. How I became what I am today was simple.
To tell my story, I have to tell you about her, and the first time I saw her in training. Her long black hair the glint in her dark brown eyes as she smiled, the small dimples in her cheeks that I so loved to caress. When I felt her soft sweet lips when we kissed and she brought warmth to my heart even with the smallest touch of her gentle finger tips I felt the flame between us.

It was in the in the early morning as we awoke in a small meadow on a hill overlooking large valleys of lush rolling green hills. I leaned over and looked deep within her eyes, all I could feel was the love and bond we had between us.

I gently kissed her warm soft lips as ship flew overhead; Looking up we watched as it made a sharp turn and opened fire on us. That was when I got my first taste of the Foundation and what it held for me as I held her tight in my arms and the light in her eyes slowly faded, the lovely glint no more.

From that day forward as the Foundation grew and took over other small planets one by one, I swore I would help all those in need in this fight against oppression.

I have a small ship with a small rag tag crew, but we do the best we can to keep the battle going to stop the oppressors and help those in need.

End log 421
Capt'n Hawkens

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